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Welcome to our new online edition of Rowlands Castle Golf Club magazine.
My name is Jim Thatcher and I have been a playing member of our club for over 20 years and had the most amazing honour to be Club Captain in 2007. My wife, Sue – sometimes known as Sooz – is also a full playing member and an enthusiastic member of the Ladies section.
I must first thank Andy and Pat Shergold for their 5 years of outstanding editorship of our hard copy magazine. They maintained an exceptionally high standard set by previous Editors – most notably Bill Sumner, who recently left us for the golf course in the sky. Hope your putts are dropping Bill!
As we enter this totally new era for our club magazine there will be some inevitable changes from that beautiful printed version that we became so used to. Sadly the print and production costs reached a point where our Management Committee had to make a hard decision in order to keep our costs, and therefore your subscriptions, in check.
One of the advantages however will be that we will not have to wait 4 months between editions. I will load new articles and information as I receive them and remove “old” items after a period of a couple of months. So please – go to this section of our new web site frequently to check out what is new.
To provide me with that content please email your contributions to
Don’t be shy – it is “our” magazine, not mine, and there are always news items, anecdotes and jokes worth telling. Please send them to me.
Enjoy your golfing summer and let’s hope we get a dry Dupree festival and putts that always drop!

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17.08.2017 09:42
Closed from Thursday to Saturday (17th - 19th August) for the Dupree Open
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