Club Magazine

January 2020

Editors Introduction - by Jim Thatcher

Hello everyone – and welcome to 2020 – and your latest club magazine!

I hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations were suitable enjoyable.

Certainly, the rain in December limited the amount of golf we could play, but it is a great credit to our Greenkeepers that the course has been open as much as it has. Thanks guys! 

And thanks too to Jimmy Klepacz, Tom Robson and, of course, Shah, for keeping us informed on an almost daily basis.

Our Magazine is a little thinner than usual due to the time of the year, but I can really recommend the article on the Hounds for Heroes from Alan Roff, our 2013 Club Captain. Thanks for the update Alan - it is great to hear!

Looking forward into 2020 we can expect a change to the handicapping system – currently planned for November 2020. This has been trailed for some time and, as it is a world-wide system, will introduce some benefits when playing abroad. As I understand it, the new system will even take bad weather into account when reviewing handicap adjustments after certain competitions! No doubt Shah will be briefing us thoroughly closer to the time.

After the best part of 3 years as your Club Magazine editor, I will be standing aside from this responsibility after the next edition – due in early March. I am sure our incoming Captain would appreciate someone stepping forward to take this on!!

My thanks to all the contributors of articles over many editions.

I hope 2020 is a great golfing year for us all.

Jim Thatcher, Editor

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