Rowlands Castle - Dress Code

Rowlands Castle Golf Club wishes to convey a modern approach to its dress regulations and trusts that members, visitors and guests will assist in maintaining the standards expected both on the course and in the clubhouse. We encourage you to download the full dress code policy below to ensure you are compliant when visiting Rowlands Castle.

On the course, clean, smart, recognised golf clothing and golf shoes must be worn.

In the clubhouse bar/lounge, dress should be recognised golf clothing or smart casual clothes. Clothing should be clean, and not ripped or torn. Clean shoes or smart sandals are required, but golf shoes are not permitted in the bar.

Dress code for private events will be as agreed with the Secretary/Manager and for social events dress code will be indicated on the event publicity.

The club reserves the right to refuse admission to the Course or Clubhouse if individuals are not able to comply with our dress code, normal courtesies or the rules of golf.

Mobile phones should be set to ‘silent’ mode and not used to make or receive calls in the bar or on the course except in an emergency. They may however be used for texting and internet access.

Full Dress Code Policy